Zia Chishti Resigns from All Roles at TRG
and its Affiliates Effective Immediately

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We are an investment holding company specializing in the business process outsourcing sector. We have an unbroken track record of over a decade in generating positive returns on each investment we have made. We pride ourselves on our extensive operational focus throughout the investing cycle, and have never incurred loss on an investment since the inception of our partnership in 2002.

We will typically invest in one or two companies a year. As a holding company, we have no fixed time horizon to our investments although typically we will realize one or two investments a year through the public or private markets.

Throughout our engagement with our portfolio companies, we seek foremost to innovate. Our principals established the first offshore call center in South Asia as early as 1998. Over a decade ago, in 2002 we pioneered offshore labor arbitrage as an equity asset class. More recently, our portfolio companies are leading "big-data" driven revolutionary advances in the business process outsourcing sector, analyzing and capitalizing on complex human behavioral patterns and business process data flows.