We collectively advise pools of capital that are deployed across a current portfolio of over twenty companies. The Resource Group has a number of leading institutional investors including Pinebridge Investments. Approximately forty percent of the equity of The Resource Group is held by its partners and principals.

Since 2002, we have recorded a profit on every investment we have made. We have completed over twenty five acquisitions, over fifteen sales or mergers, and two initial public offerings for our portfolio companies.

Investment Criteria

At The Resource Group, we focus on the business process outsourcing sector. We invest both in businesses that provide outsourcing capacity, as well as in the technology companies that support the sector.

We invest across the entire private equity cycle. We will invest in seed opportunities in the hundreds of thousands of dollars up to late stage mature businesses requiring equity investments in the tens of millions of dollars. Beyond this range, we can call on the combined equity resources of our anchor capital partners to target larger investments on a case-by-case basis.

All our investments require majority ownership and control. We are deeply operationally involved with our investments and see ourselves as adding strong value by evolving the business models of our portfolio companies and bringing analytical strength and capital markets access to bear.

Transaction Approach

We strive to be the equity investor of choice within the business process outsourcing sector, both in delivering strong returns on investments we make and in establishing relationships with management teams and other equity holders looking to realize liquidity.

We have completed over two dozen acquisitions over the past decade, with each one of them concluded promptly. Many of our investments are concluded on a handshake, with some of our most successful investments taking place over a business plan sketched on a napkin. Our investments are driven primarily based on a perception that we can help unlock hidden operational value within assets that we can bring under our control. We do not engage in opportunities where the primary opportunities for returns are around capital structure, accounting, or legal efficiencies.

As an active partner to our companies and management teams, TRG provides growth and acquisition capital, strategic insight, analytical and technology expertise, a global operational footprint, an international perspective, and an expansive network of relationships. We bring in management members as shareholders with incentives to grow the business, enhance its margins and create value for stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in our ability to structure creative transactions to meet the objectives of all our stakeholders – management, equity buyers and sellers, employees, and the communities that we serve.