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Afiniti transforms the way humans interact by applying artificial intelligence to discover, predict and affect patterns of interpersonal behavior.

The principle application of Afiniti’s technology is to optimize the pairing of individual contact centre agents with customers for large enterprises. Using data obtained from Afiniti’s clients and third parties together with historical call outcome records, Afiniti’s proprietary software identifies successful patterns of communication to make better pairings of indivduals and agents. Afiniti is unique in providing such an application predicated on pairing individuals.

Afiniti led the industry with its first commercial deployment in 2009. Since then, Afiniti has optimized over 2 billion calls across 19 countries and today has over 150 programs operatingacross North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Status: Active | Date: June 2007 | Location: Washington, DC | View Website